SwissVax: A Legacy of Excellence Meets the Historic 1000 Miglia

SWISSVAX, a distinguished name in automotive care, shares a rich history that harmonizes seamlessly with the prestigious 1000 Miglia Event. Both the brand and the event are deeply intertwined with the legacy of automobiles, making this partnership a perfect match.

For decades, SWISSVAX has been an industry leader in crafting premium car care products. Founded in 1930 in Switzerland, the company’s commitment to automotive excellence is deeply rooted in its heritage. 

As Markus Herzberg, the CEO of SWISSVAX, told us: “Our passion for preserving the beauty and elegance of automobiles through time has been the driving force behind SWISSVAX since our inception.

The founders, having a profound passion for classic cars, recognized the need for superior car care products that would not only preserve the beauty of these timeless vehicles but also enhance their luster. The 1000 Miglia, originally established in Italy in 1927, has a storied history as one of the world’s most prestigious vintage and classic car races.

The alignment between SWISSVAX and the 1000 Miglia Experience Dubai is evident in their shared reverence for the history of automobiles. SWISSVAX’s commitment to preserving and enhancing automotive beauty, coupled with the 1000 Miglia’s celebration of iconic cars from bygone eras, creates a partnership that celebrates the timelessness and legacy of these remarkable vehicles.

It’s a collaboration that not only enhances the event’s allure but also underscores SWISSVAX’s position as a guardian of automotive history and heritage.”


Founded in 1860, Chopard, The Artisan of Emotions, perpetuates the heritage of traditional know-how and ancestral crafts through contemporary and ethical creations.

Chopard has been the proud world sponsor and official timekeeper of 1000 Miglia since 1988.

Behind the deep connection that Chopard cultivates with the 1000 Miglia are values strongly ingrained in the Maison. Loyalty to a certain vision of elegance; a passion for classic cars that the Scheufele family has passed down from generation to generation; the desire to be at the heart of major events; and, above all, a commitment to high-quality watchmaking whose concepts stand the test of time.

David Gandy Wellwear

David Gandy Wellwear is a new clothing category combining wardrobe and well-being. In a world where we are increasingly educated in self-care, Wellwear is bringing the clothing industry up to speed. A collection of pieces designed to support living well in the world sets the brand apart; this isn’t activewear, sportswear, loungewear, nightwear, casualwear or leisurewear – it is Wellwear.

David Gandy Wellwear takes a multi-sensory approach to design, exploring the scientific benefits of soft, comfortable clothing and the belief that every piece should be both physically and emotionally durable. 

With studies showing that simply touching smooth fabrics can enhance psychological well-being and reduce negative emotions, Wellwear’s use of tactile fabrics is key. What’s more, the best and most sustainable natural fibres are treated with technical properties developed to enhance the wearer’s physical well-being. 

Wellwear is minimalist as in to-the-point – it is fashion, function and feeling without compromise, good for the wearer and kind to the planet. 

David Gandy Wellwear was founded by British supermodel David Gandy who is one of the most recognisable faces in fashion. After winning a televised modelling competition at the age of 21 he went on to transform male industry perception and standards with his muscular build, becoming the world’s first and most successful male supermodel. He has worked with some of the biggest brands and the best names in the industry, known for his iconic campaigns that have become global sensations. 

In 2021 Gandy celebrated 20 years in fashion and marked two decades of experience by launching David Gandy Wellwear which combines two of his great passions; style and well-being. Throughout his career Gandy has actively campaigned for mental and physical health long before they captured the zeitgeist of recent years. It was his belief that “clothing shouldn’t just make you look good, it should make you feel good too”, which led to Wellwear; a world first concept bringing well-being and wardrobe together. Outside of fashion David Gandy is known for his love of classic cars and philanthropic work.

Gargash Group

 Gargash Group, with their long and remarkable relationship with the automobile industry, is a prominent partner of the 1000 Miglia. The Group has a history of representing some of the world’s greatest brands including Mercedes-Benz and Alfa Romeo, who have a shared history with the 1000 Miglia. As the proud sponsors of the 1000 Miglia Experience UAE Jubilee Edition, Gargash is thrilled to share this experience with classic car enthusiasts in the region.

Tomini Classics

Since its inception as a private collection in 2011, Tomini Classics has since been the premier classic car dealership in the Middle East. Pioneering the introduction of many specialty and high-end vehicles never seen before in Arabian shores, and helping nourish the growing collectible car culture in UAE and beyond, Tomini Classics remains an institution of the automobile in the city of Dubai.

Founded by Tomini Group Chairman Imtiaz Shaikh and administered by classic car veteran Miguel Llorente, Tomini Classics specializes in two-door, post-war European sports cars, as well as the region’s first official automobilia store, featuring vintage timepieces, vintage catalogs, genuine Formula One components, and other rare and interesting automotive oddities.

While just under a hundred vehicles form part of the Tomini Classics collection, only a handful are thoroughly prepared and retailed for sale to customers from six out of the seven continents.  The rest remain part of the Chairman’s personal collection, or stored for careful preparation at the company’s workshop, managed by Llorente himself. Thanks to the company’s small size, all transactions are considered and managed on a one-to-one basis, often on appointment, aiming to provide a human touch to each interaction with each visitor and client —present, past, and future.

A hand-picked team of 20 people are part of the Tomini Classics family, with each professional —from mechanics to detailers— trained and mentored in the specifics of handling these valuable automotive heirlooms, be it a complex Ferrari restoration, or the preparation of a client’s vehicle for long or short term storage. With a clientele that expects nothing but the very best, Tomini Classics not only aims to vanquish the challenges of pioneering a quirky, unusual business —classic cars!— in the Middle East, but also to rise and maintain strict standards, and ensure that the automotive jewels of today and yesterday continue to drive the roads of the world, including this exciting edition of the Mille Miglia!