1000 MIGLIA 

The original concept of the 1000 Miglia was first conceived by Giovanni Canestrini, Franco Mazzotti, Aymo Maggi and Renzo Castagneto on 2nd December 1926 as a speed race on open public roads, taking place over a route of 1,600 kilometers (equal to 1000 miles) from Brescia to Rome and back.

The initial race began on 26th March 1927; 21 hours, 4 minutes, and 48 seconds later it was won by Ferdinando Minoja and Giuseppe Morandi in a Brescia-built OM 665 Superba.

From 1927 to 1957, prestigious brands including the likes of Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Porsche, Jaguar and Mercedes battled each other for the glory of the 1000 Miglia, with legendary drivers including Juan Manuel Fangio, Tazio Nuvolari, Alberto Ascari and Stirling Moss behind the wheel.

Since 1977, the 1000 Miglia has transformed into the most important regularity race in the world for historic cars. The Red Arrow, as it is fondly called, remains faithful to the original route crossing Italy and its exquisite local regions.

Today, 1000 Miglia celebrates its 94th birthday in 2021, still holding firm to its founding values of Uniqueness, Experience, Passion, Excellence, Tradition, and Innovation.

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