The Most Beautiful Race In The World comes to the UAE

First ever 1000 Miglia Experience UAE Jubilee Edition to take place February 18th-22nd, 2022.

1000 Miglia Srl – the Italian company that organises the 1000 Miglia, also known as The Most Beautiful Race in the World – and Octanium Experiences are proud to announce that the inaugural 1000 Miglia Experience UAE 2021 will take place in February 18th-22nd, 2022, for the very first time in the Middle East.

This invitation-only event is open to 100 owners of landmark automobiles, from legendary classics to iconic supercars  of the modern era. Over the course of five thrilling days, participants will cross all seven Emirates, driving their cars against the clock while enjoying the finest hospitality. Members of the public will have a rare opportunity to see these magnificent machines in the metal, being driven as they are truly meant to be experienced.

This extraordinary gathering will also coincide with the 50th anniversary celebrations of the United Arab Emirates, which was formally formed on December 2, 1971. The staging of the first 1000 Miglia Experience UAE 2021 represents yet another proud achievement for this young nation, which has accomplished global fame as a centre for both business excellence and exotic luxury travel.

The 1000 Miglia is widely recognised today as the Most Beautiful Race in the World. Conceived by Giovanni Canestrini, Franco Mazzotti, Aymo Maggi and Renzo Castagneto on 2nd December 1926 as a speed race on open public roads, the 1000 Miglia takes place over a route of 1,600 kilometers (equal to 1000 miles) from Brescia to Rome and back. The initial race began on 26th March 1927; 21 hours, 4 minutes, and 48 seconds later it was won by Ferdinando Minoja and Giuseppe Morandi in a Brescia-built OM 665 Superba.

This event captured the imagination of both the general public and car manafacturers alike. From 1927 to 1957, prestigious brands including the likes of Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Porsche, Jaguar and Mercedes battled each other for the glory of the 1000 Miglia, with legendary drivers including Juan Manuel Fangio, Tazio Nuvolari, Alberto Ascari and Stirling Moss behind the wheel.

Since 1977, the 1000 Miglia has transformed into the most important regularity race in the world for historic cars. The Red Arrow, as it is fondly called, remains faithful to the original route crossing Italy and its exquisite local regions. Today, 1000 Miglia celebrates its 94th birthday in 2021, still holding firm to its founding values of Uniqueness, Experience, Passion, Excellence, Tradition, and Innovation.

In the modern version of the event, competitors follow a roadbook on public roads to travel from one passage control to another while the public follows the convoy along the route, enjoying the sight of a huge and diverse group of rare cars in action, in terrain as diverse as Sharjah’s majestic deserts, the vast mountains of Khorfakkan, and Kalba’s exotic mangroves. The Passage Controls themselves will be placed in areas of urban beauty or great cultural history, to give the race the opportunity to be welcomed by local dignitaries and introduced to the public.

For the 1000 Miglia Experience UAE 2021, three classes of vehicle may be accepted. A maximum of 100 participants from all over the world will take part in the event.

  • 1000 Miglia Registry Class, for cars manufactured between 1927 and 1957 for cars of a model that has competed at least once in the original 1000 Miglia race, officially registered in the 1000 Miglia Registry and pertaining to the 1000 Miglia coefficient list.
  • UAE Jubilee class for cars manufactured up to 1971 (the founding year of our host nation, the United Arab Emirates.) Vehicles should possess a valid FIVA card
  • Contemporary Icons, for distinctive or historic automobiles manufactured from 1971 onwards.

The staging of the 1000 Miglia Experience UAE 2021 represents the pinnacle of a long-term collaboration between 1000 Miglia and Octanium, culminating in bringing the most famous historic race in the world to a region well known for its deep love of high octane machinery and beautiful automobiles. With the near century of experience of 1000 Miglia, and Octanium’s eye for hospitality and quality alongside the UAE’s warm host and natural splendor, this event is expected to be a tremendous success.

Of particular significance is the Golden Jubilee of the UAE. This unique moment – a celebration of 50 years since the founding of the United Arab Emirates – coincides with the ongoing iconic Expo 2020 exhibition which attracts global interest. In this festive environment, the 1000 Miglia UAE Experience 2021 must count as one of the brightest lights on both the social and media calendars.

The Octanium team boasts more than a century of combined experience in the field of vintage cars, from creating rich retail environments, racing in classic motorsport, to building a complete support infrastructure for owners – in particular CEO Martin Halder has been involved with classic-car related industries for two decades. Octanium’s driving mission is to become the home for all classic car enthusiasts in the UAE and beyond, connecting them with the enormous global network of workshops, events, clubs and motorsport activities including the prestigious 1000 Miglia.

Chairman of 1000 Miglia Franco Gussalli Beretta commented, “I am extremely proud to represent the 1000 Miglia on this day of presentation of the partnership that represents an important step in the internationalization project undertaken by our Red Arrow. The incredibly striking scenery of this territory, the renowned and excellent local hospitality and the unique know-how of the 1000 Miglia will be the foundations of this new adventure that we are convinced will become one of the most coveted events of the season for fans.”

CEO Alberto Piantoni added, “We hope that, over the next few years, the Event we are presenting today will arouse here the same enthusiasm and participation that we find every year in Italy with the 1000 Miglia when millions of people along the roads greet the passing of the competing cars. The premises are certainly excellent, on our part we will provide all the support necessary to bring the essence of the 1000 Miglia style sporting competition to these unique territories.

Octanium CEO Martin Halder said, “This event is the result of a three year labor of love to bring the world’s finest classic motor race to the most exciting region in the world. With vintage cars side-by-side with the latest hypercars, we expect the participants to have a truly unparalleled experience. For the members of the public, the sight of these amazing machines will be a spectacular sight, the perfect birthday present to the United Arab Emirates on the occasion of its 50th birthday. And this is only the beginning – our target is not only establishing this event on an annual basis, but fuelling the passion for classic and collectors cars by offering an outstanding range of services and experiences to enjoy this passion as effortlessly as possible.”

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